Lemon-aid for Christmas?

Coming right from Thanksgiving, and the awe of our family’s collective good fortune, good health, good relationships, and good friends, it’s a good time to re-think priorities for the rest of this calendar year.

My husband shared a really cool documentary project with me, about an amazing 9 year-old, Vivienne Harr, who turned a lemonade stand into a symbol of care, compassion and freedom. Her mission: to help end childhood slavery and empower all children to make a stand.  She’s raised nearly a million dollars and created a new type of company, a “giveness” that essentially exists to empower a network of paying it forward.


She is a tremendous example of the power each of us has to share our thanks, make a difference and make a stand. Here’s a preview of the movie, recently submitted to Sundance by a group of talented filmmakers at Stillmotion: http://vimeo.com/68453499. Stay tuned, as the film is planning a Bay Area premiere early in the new year.

The girl, the empathy and power of positive persuasion has moved me.   This holiday season I’m replacing my classic dreams of sugarplums instead with dreams of  “Lemon-Aid.”  If you too, want to shake up your approach to this season if giving, consider giving a little lemonade to your loved ones…and help drive the “lemon love” to others.

Vivienne, you are my hero!

Vivienne Harr


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